Bar Bites (Dinner)
Salted butter
With chili, honey and crudités
6 pcs with mustard
Jalapeños, cheddar, crème fraiche, hot sauce, guacamole, beans and black olives (add chicked + 3)
Selection of cured meats, pickels, crudités and bread
With bacon toast and pickles
Steak tartare, egg, truffle mayonnaise, toast and anchovies
Bavette from Australia
Flat Iron Steak U.S.A Beef
Tender rib roast from Irish Shannon beef
Please reserve at least 24hrs in advance
Ask your waiter
Cucumber, dill, green pepper and feta cheese
Cheddar, sautéed onions, tomato and crispy bacon
Sauerkraut, English Cheddar, roasted pulled pork, fried onions, bourbon flavored barbeque sauce
Vegetarian plant-based patty, Cheddar sautéed onions, tomato, Jalapeños, sriracha mayonaise (Vegertarian)
Ask your waiter
Slowly roasted and glazed in a sweet marinade
With salsa verde
Caribbean spiced Jerk Chicken with a baby pineapple filled with different peppers, coriander & black spiced rum. (half chicken) - Whole chicken +10
Croutons, Parmesan, egg, Caesar dressing, anchovies (add chicken and bacon + 2,5)
with rosemary salt and mayonaisse
With a fresh Cannibale sauce
Salad with croutons, parmesan and caesar dressing
Fresh salad with onion, tomato, cucumber and parsley
with vanilla butter
Charcoal grilled vegetables with salsa verde, red basil and lemon / extra person +3.5
Ask your waiter for the weekly flavours